Praise, Praise, Praise, Praise, Praise, Praise and Praise

On Sunday, Jason shared regarding praise and worship and he mentioned that there are seven Hebrew words for praise. Let’s take a few minutes to look at each of these words and one of the scriptures where they are used:

Notice that all the Hebrew words for praise involve action, often loud and demonstrative action. Many believers are uncomfortable with demonstrative and emotional praise and worship. We seem to think that church is a place to be quiet, dignified and staid and that our worship should be the same. In II Samuel 6:14-16, a much different picture of praise is painted. David and 30,000 Israelite men brought the Ark of the Lord back to Jerusalem. In these verses we are told that the whole house of Israel brought the ark into the city with shouts and the sound of trumpets. David was not only singing and shouting, he was dancing and leaping before the Lord.

Do you struggle to be demonstrative in your praise to God? Take the time to first reflect on who God really is and what He has done for you. Then go to the Psalms and meditate on the praise offered to God there, read it aloud, sing the words, shout…Praise the Lord!

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